The public can now buy selected healthcare products directly from eMedAsia’s partner clinics store-front.

COVID screening services such as RT-PCR and others are provided by our partner clinics to the public as well!

* We accept online banking and credit / debit card.
Due to COVID restrictions, we will be shipping the products directly to you.

Looking for PCR test?

For travelers and locals, you can now book your PCR test here!

Travelers (inbound and outbound) are welcome to book any COVID-19 screening services such as RT-PCR and others, provided by eMedAsia’s partner clinics. This service is supported by KOOP MMA (Malaysian Medical Association Co-operative).
* We accept online banking and credit / debit card.

I want to see a Doctor

by doctors for patients

Search for services and book your clinic appointments with more than 2,000 MOH Registered Clinics with peace of mind.
YES, look for clinics that provide COVID-19 screening using RT-PCR, Antigen RTK or Antibody RTK and get your secured report with the QR Code.

Replenishing the clinics

by doctors for doctors

EmedAsia is an E-Commerce marketplace where clinic owners can join and purchase items ranging from pharmaceutical products, consumables, medical devices and other items.
It is open to all clinic owners including dental, ambulatory care centres and hospitals.
The registration for EmedAsia is free of charge.

Supplying to more than 2,000 clinics

connecting clinics to suppliers

Many companies spend huge amount on marketing & brand awareness without knowing who potential buyers are.
With clinics in a common platform in EmedAsia many suppliers have placed their products on this platform for doctors to search and buy from almost 1,000 SKUs.